About Calton Dental Lab.

Open Communication

We know and understand that open communication is a key to having a successful relationship between the doctor and the Dental Laboratory.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work for as long as you think we should.

Proven Technology

Any technology or materials we use must pass two requirements. They must produce aesthetic results and have a good reliability record. With these requirements, we eliminate using unproven technology or materials that might fail prematurely.

Preferences Met

Occlusal clearance, interproximal contacts, etc. Each Doctor has their own way of doing their casework. Tell us what you would like to see in your cases and we will meet your preferences.

"The Perfect Fit"

Below are some of the standard procedures we take so that your patient's crowns will have "The Perfect Fit".

Precise Model Work

Good model work is the foundation to "The Perfect Fit". We use a low expansion stone, this means we use models that replicate your impression to 100% accuracy, maximizing precision in all later phases of the fabrication.

All Margins Microscoped

Using high-powered microscopes starting from the die trim all the way to case completion, ensures your crown has "The Perfect Fit".